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Our Curriculum

A Beka Book provides Christian schools and homeschools with outstanding curriculum and textbooks built on a foundation of academic excellence and Christian character training. Schools and homeschools benefit from the treasury of textbooks and teaching materials that reflect the very best in traditional education, comprehensive curriculum, and eternal truths.

A Beka Book textbooks, curriculums, and materials are based on results from reliable studies for traditional best practices (as opposed to a theoretical, experimental approach) and are validated by the measured success of thousands of students over decades of time.

The educational approach is founded on biblical principles that address the nature of the learner and learning, the nature of truth and authority, and what is important to learn and know. Although we teach out of the    A Beka Book Curriculum we have found it nececcesary for us to incorporate some of the common core methods of teaching our curriculum so that our students will be familiar with these methods as they enter the surrounding school systems in our area as these schools do teach exclusively by these methods.

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