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The Dunnam's Difference

Why Choose Dunnam's ???  

Why should I pay for private care when my child can go to public school for free??  What are the most important lessons that a child should learn at any early age?  What is it that you desire for your child?  At Dunnam's we believe strongly in education, but we also believe there are many equally important life lessons that need to be taught early in a childs life especially in today's society.  With the bombardment of violence and dissension that our children are subjected to, we at Dunnam's do our best to teach love, tolerance and acceptance along with the necessity in knowing how to work and play well with others.  We are not a Sunday School or a church but we do also teach them that there is a God that loves them and will direct them if they will look to him for guidance. There are still some establishments that try and instill in children that consistent hard work brings tremendously satisfying and rewarding results. I am pleased to say that we are one of those establishments. We hope that you will invest in not only yours child's education but their lives by bringing them to spend some time with us.


Thank You


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