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Dunnam’s Private School,


We have been blessed beyond measure.  Everything we were hoping to find in a daycare has definitely met our expectations. We have been at Dunnam’s Private School, now, since 2011. We chose Dunnam’s because of the genuine staff and teachers. What sets Dunnam’s Private School apart? It’s the staff and Christian environment. The welcoming staff is pleasant, courteous, helpful, organized and competent. And the clean, safe, friendly learning environment is very refreshing. But most importantly, the attentiveness of the staff and the utmost care to the needs of our children and family has been of highest respect. They really seem to have a vested interest in the children!


All of the directors and teachers are very patient, kind, and involved in each and every child which is so comforting to the parents. It is amazing how much our kids have learned in just a few years from normal development skills to singing songs to playing well with others. Dunnam’s Private School teachers make every effort to take care of our kids as if they were their own. Each teacher we have had holds a very special place in our hearts. There are no words to describe how thankful we are to all the people who take care of their physical, academic and emotional needs!


We are highly impressed with the instruction and structure of their classrooms.  All of the creativity in the rooms just boost the kids’ spirits and make them hunger to learn more. We credit them with our children’s growth and development. They are growing intellectually, socially, and spiritually, through the loving, caring and nurturing environment that Dunnam’s provides. We know they are being prepared for their future educational experiences in a caring environment. Our children are our proudest accomplishment and nothing compares to the peace of mind that we get when leaving our children in such a nurturing environment.


The Dunnam’s staff and family have made a lasting impact not only on our kids but on our entire family.  Our experience has been positive. I would recommend Dunnam’s Private School to family, friends and anyone new in the community if they’re looking for a great program.

Our deepest appreciation to all of you.


Elijah & LaShonda Martin


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